Featured Features BR-V, Rush, and Terios

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One of the considerations when buying a family car, is the safety and security features provided by the manufacturer. Discussing the new model, Rush-Terios, should certainly compare with one-segment competitors, the Honda BR-V.

Each of these models has excellent technology, which then becomes a value to get more attention from potential customers.

For example, on the “twins” Terios-Rush, both now have more security features than previous generations. The move was to compete with rivals, the BR-V.

Call it like Hill Start Assist Control (HSA) to be more confident when you have to turn the engine on a hill or derivative. Also Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) to maintain stability when the car cornering.

Just like the “twins” BR-V is also available features Hill Start Assist, and Vehicle Stabillity Assist (VSA).

However, for features Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Terios, Rush, and BR-V, both already available. Also read: 2018 honda ridgeline redesign

Meanwhile, viewing data from each feature model such as airbags has also become a compulsory device. BR-V for example, has been embedded Dual Front SRS Airbag, just like Terios. Meanwhile, Rush more number, up to six airbags.rush cars 2017

Comfort Features

In order to increase owner comfort, Daihatsu, Honda, and Toyota also immerse some features, such as Immobilizer, Keyless Entry on Terios, BR-V and also Rush. Another advantage that Terios has and not others, is a 360-degree monitor, which is very helpful when parking the vehicle.

For example on All New Terios which now has a new key design following the trend of the present (remote key) on all variants. Latest Rush has also been equipped Smart Entry, as well as BR-V have Immobilizer or Keyless Entry.

These features have become standard to offer to consumers. Now handed over to prospective buyers, choose Terios, BR-V or Rush.

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