Iphone 6s Plus vs Note 4

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If there is a big rival in cell phone industry, it would bePlus vs Note 4. Both are comparable in terms of the phablet system. The iPhone variant is released recently, but the contender from Samsung still stands as its equal match. There must be a good reason behind this competition.

Iphone 6s Plus Vs Note 4

The consideration for choosing a cell phone usually includes design, performance, connectivity and and battery life. In the iPhone 6s plus vs note 4 showdown, you will take the final decision. Look not only at the positive traits, but also the disadvantage that might stop your productive moment.

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Note 4 is the second product from Samsung that embraces metal design. The plastic trim is also replaced with anodized aluminum, giving off slim impression for the phone. In comparison, iPhone plus 6, and more from ts superior Iphone 7c offers a simple, elegant design which makes it easier to hold. With just a glance, you can see that the thickness are different. Samsung looks like bold line while iPhone spreads a thin line. You may want to look more about it here in Techno 9


The iPhone plus is built on 64-bit Apple A8 dual-core VR GX6450, while Samsung runs faster with 32-bit 2.7 GHZ Quad-core Snapdragon 805 Processor. From performance wise, Samsung has higher value compared to Iphone. Although both are superior in gaming specification, but Samsung will give you flawless swith when you need to do several tasks at once.

The quality is also proven in Geekbench 3 tests, where Samsung take the leading score with 3.162 multi core. iPhone, in the other side, has to be happy with 2.871 multi-core. However, if you dedicate yourself to gaming, then iPhone holds its function well.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Another must have feature for a smart phone is flexible connectivity. Bluetooth is available for both devices, so the showdown counts down to their connectivity with the other devices. Iphone, as you can expect, works well with its own kind. You could also connect it to the other devices with additional setting. Samsung, in the other hands, doesn’t have similar access, even with its own environment.

Samsung thick body means a lot. It could stand by hours longer than Iphone. Its removable battery gives more access to the serviceman, just in case error happens.

Even before reading this review, you could already predict that these two gigantic brands are the best cell phone options in the market. If you lean to the friendly guidance and stylish design, then go with Iphone. Samsung is designed for those who care about innovation and long life battery. Other than these aspects, iphone 6s plus vs note 4 has similar quality.