Car Battery Tips to be durable

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Car battery also has a life time limit on the vehicle. For the average usage is in the range of 2 years. Even so according to Iwan Abdurrahman who is Head of TAM Sunter Workshop explained that the age of the car battery depends on its use. Usually car batteries are often invited somewhat speeding or traveling far have a longer life.

Iwan also explained again about the reason, which is where the car is often long-distance travel then the alternator will perform charging on the car battery by using the maximum current when the engine speed is in the range of 2,000 Rpm.Car Battery Tips

Well, if the distance short and slow, low RPM, which ngecas aki baseball maximum. My car last replace the battery age 3 years and 10 months. Because once a month I take to Bandung, “he said. visit:

It also explained again that it would be healthier on the battery or battery when the car is occasionally taken in a long journey, not only that because the engine will also be healthier.

In addition to battery charger, also all clean the injector and offal machine. But keep the drive safely yes. Meet the speed limit on the road or our safety and other riders, “he said. Also read:  Lamborghini Reventon Price