Apple Investigates Swollen Battery Case iPhone 8 Plus

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After the earpiece component, this time turn the iPhone 8 Plus battery reportedly problematic. Two users indulge photos of the iPhone 8 Plus whose batteries swell up to the screen regardless of the device body.

The first rapporteur said his iPhone 8 Plus battery swelled when charging. In fact, he admitted using a cable and an official adapter from Apple.

Meanwhile, the second reporter has not even tried the iPhone 8 Plus since the first time to buy. The reason, immediately after opening the packaging box, he immediately found the iPhone 8 Plus with a swollen battery. The bulging battery is pushing the screen components sticking out, apart from the body.Battery iphone 8 2017

Apple has yet to issue an official statement on this issue. According to internal sources, Apple is investigating the case before providing further explanation to the audience. Also read: iphone 6 battery

In the meantime, two iPhone 8 Plus whose swollen batteries are assumed to be a failed product. No more reports with similar problems are heard so far, as reported AppleInsider and compiled KompasTekno, Tuesday (3/10/2017).

This is different from the battery problem on the Galaxy Note 7 which splashy in September 2016 ago. At that time, one in 20,000 devices Galaxy Note 7 reported vulnerable to explode.

As a result, Galaxy Note 7 withdrawn from the market. After investigation, it turns out the problem caused by the design of the phone does not adjust to the needs of battery components. visit: